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Wednesday, June 12

10 Ways to Experience a Classic Georgia Summer

The only thing better than summertime itself is being a kid during summer. This time of year, many of us feel nostalgic for those carefree days of splashing around at a local lake, hanging out with friends into the late, muggy evenings and road trips in the family station wagon. Though it may seem that many of our favorite childhood places and activities only exist in our memories, there are still plenty of ways to experience a summer similar to the "good old days." Certain destinations seem to breathe nostalgia, such as Georgia's Greene County, located about an hour drive east from Atlanta. Travelers can experience familiar tastes, sights and sounds, such as watching fireworks by the lake, eating fresh-picked berries and indulging in classic summer activities. If you're longing for a trip that whisks you back in time, or want to show your kids or grandkids what fun is all about, consider these 10 activities in Greene County.


Monday, February 25

Insider’s Guide to The Masters at Lake Oconee

Since the spring of 1934, people from all over the country have made the pilgrimage to the small town of Augusta, Georgia, to watch and enjoy the famous golf championship known as The Masters. Located halfway between Atlanta and Augusta, Lake Oconee has created the experience of a lifetime during Masters week. From lodging at The Ritz-Carlton Reynolds, Lake Oconee, to tossing back a cold one at Oconee Brewing Company, to taking on your own golf game on the beautiful courses in Greene County, it is a week you won’t want to miss. If you want to have the best time during Masters week, Lake Oconee is the place for you.


Friday, December 28

How to Spend a Rainy Day at Lake Oconee

Has all this rain lately got you feeling blah? Here are some ways to beat the rainy day blues at Lake Oconee!


Thursday, November 8

How to Enjoy the Holidays at Lake Oconee

Maybe what you need most this season, is to enjoy the season. Lake Oconee provides the perfect retreat to help you recapture the magic of the holidays.


Wednesday, May 9

Lake Oconee Restaurants To Take Mom For Mother’s Day

Mom deserves the very best and nothing says Mother’s Day quite like dining at the lake while you enjoy the great food, views and spending quality time with the woman who has guided you through life. Find out some of our favorite places to spend Mother’s Day, whether you are looking for an early meal or dinner.


Wednesday, April 25

Local’s Guide to the Best Dishes at Lake Oconee

We have compiled a list of favorite dishes from Lake Oconee locals to help you plan your next visit here! Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert are all covered to make sure your experience at Lake Oconee is top notch. Here are the local favorites.