5 Things to Do in Downtown Greensboro Without Moving Your Car: History Edition

July 8, 2016

1. Historic Greene County Courthouse

It’s hard to miss this beautiful site in Greensboro! You are bound to pass by while driving through downtown and its white columns will grab your attention. The original Greene County courthouse was a log structure, but the present building was finished in 1849. It continues to stand as one of the oldest courthouses in Georgia!

2. Old Rock Gaol

Did you know Greensboro is home to the oldest masonry jail in Georgia? Stop by Old Rock Gaol to get a glimpse of its 2 feet thick walls made of granite. The historical site still contains the original gallows and trap door from the 1800s! You can also see how prisoners were kept in the jail depending on the crime they committed. The most dangerous criminals were kept away from light, ventilation and heat!

3. Greensboro Post Office

Do you have a heart for art history? Stop by the Greensboro post office to see two historical murals painted by Carson Davenport. During the depression, President Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal led to the commissioning of 1,400 murals by the US Treasury Department’s Fine Arts Section.

4. The Episcopal Church of the Redeemer

Do you love to explore churches with rich history? This is a must-see! The Episcopal Church of the Redeemer was built in 1868 and has since been restored. It’s hard to miss its Carpenter Gothic design and red color, which was originally created from buttermilk and ox blood. Since Lake Oconee became a part of the community, this church has only grown and thrives today!

5. Greene County Cemetery

Take a walk through history alongside unique stone and iron work where many leaders from Greensboro’s history have been buried. This historic site in Greensboro is the resting place for many soldiers in the Revolutionary war and 45 unknown confederate soldiers.

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