5 Must Do’s At Lake Oconee Before Summer Ends

July 26, 2016

1. Sunset Fishing

Spend an evening after dinner with your family enjoying the sunset and a lake classic – fishing! It’s an experience your kids will always remember and all you need is a lake, pole, bait and patience.

2. Tubing

Are your kids wanting a few more laughs before school starts? Tubing is sure to create a few hilarious stories and fun for all! Boat and tube rentals are available all throughout Lake Oconee. Click here for a few recommendations.

3. Jumping Rock

The famous Jumping Rock at Lake Oconee is loved by many! It’s also the perfect location for a few action shots. Pull up the boat and let the kids swim right up to a nature-made playground.

4. Water Sports

Let your kids shed some of that energy before the new school year! Wakeboarding, wakesurfing and kneeboarding are among the many sports you will see at Lake Oconee.

5. Relax

Don’t forget to take time to just enjoy the remaining days of summer!

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