Codee Rainey Interiors


Codee Rainey Interiors
108 North Main Street,
Greensboro, GA, USA


Codee Rainey Interiors is an Interior Design Studio and also a Home Furnishings Store. The retail layout is a home-style fashion, allowing you shop “by room”, while her studio is nestled in the back. The “Kitchen” is a showroom for cabinet doors, countertops, and hardware to assist in making interior design selections but also has a retail section with items such as stoneware, cutting boards, and dish towels. The “Living Room” is filled with throws, pillows, and candles and the “Dining Room” has table runners, dough bowls and centerpiece accents. She works the store herself which allows her to assist her customers in their selections if needed.

Codee Rainey Interiors is open Tuesday through Saturday, 11am-4pm.