buttermilk pie greensboro ga

No matter where you travel in the world, you’ll always find a local food tradition that is “world famous”. Some might be a little more well known than others-- New York style pizza, Chicago hot dogs, Philly cheese steak, it’s all delicious. Greensboro, Georgia is no different. Everybody loves a good pie, right? It’s okay if you don’t, though; we’ll just have your slice of incredible buttermilk pie from the Yesterday Cafe.

Rumors abound as to why the buttermilk pie is so world famous, but Yesterday Cafe doesn’t exactly need a celebrity endorsement to sell pies. They can hardly keep them on the shelf as it is! Restaurant proprietor and pie maker extraordinaire Chris Bragg says they’re already selling pies for Christmas gifts. We know what we’re putting on our wishlist now.

Made with six simple ingredients, the buttermilk pie recipe changes slightly every time Yesterday Cafe gets a new oven. The eggs, butter, vanilla, sugar, flour, and of course buttermilk create an incredible flavor and texture, but it’s not exactly low fat. It tastes good enough you’ll probably forget how many calories you’re eating, though. Bragg mixes the eggs, butter, buttermilk, and vanilla first, then adds in the dry ingredients before pouring the filling into pie shells. They are then baked for around an hour and will have whipped cream piped onto the edges after finishing. “The best place in Greensboro to be is in the kitchen here at about 9:45 when they come out. The whole restaurant fills up with the smell,” says Bragg. A warm slice of buttermilk pie, fresh out of the oven? We think we might want to be there for more than the smell alone.

But why is the pie so world famous? Other than rumored celebrity weddings, the flavor alone is enough that it’s been shipped all the way to Canada! Kendrick Ward of Greensboro Main Street tells us “People know Greensboro for the pie. They come here for the pie and then they stay to shop. We have been shipping pies from our office, the office of Downtown Development, to travel writers and other publications who call and request pies. We’ve shipped it all the way to Canada before. It is a world famous pie in downtown Greensboro,” It’s a little slice of heaven made with love in the middle of Georgia’s lake country. If you’re planning a Lake Oconee getaway, stop by the Yesterday Cafe and delight your tastebuds with world famous pie in a quiet country cafe.