Iron Horse Lake Oconee

Iron Horse

Greensboro, GA 30642

The Iron Horse is an infamous 12 foot tall abstract iron sculpture that was created by artist Abbott Pattison in 1954. It was placed in front of Reed Hall on the University of Georgia campus. After several pranks and repeated shenanigans from some students on campus, the sculpture was moved off campus to a farm in Greene County, previously owned by the Curtis Family. Although rumored to be a symbol for the Order of the Greek Horsemen, a secret society on campus, several failed attempts were made to return the sculpture to the campus. The farm was sold to the University of Georgia in 2011, and although the Iron Horse is stilled owned by the Curtis Family, the farm was renamed the Iron Horse Plant Sciences Farm as the new research facility for UGA. The Iron Horse sits in the middle of a field facing south. It is visible during the winter from GA 15 and is accessible due to an easement granted by UGA for the never-ending stream of visitors.