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Characters of Lake Oconee

Charles Easley left his hometown of Greensboro to study fine art in New York and Italy. He returned home and opened The Country House, currently located in The Greensboro Antique Mall. Charles is well-renown for his interior design talents, painting, floral arrangements, and his collection of accessories. He is routinely busy at Christmastime, putting his masterful touches on home décor around the Lake Oconee area. He has a talent for taking whatever natural items are available in any season and creating breathtaking wreaths and floral arrangements. His gift for combining color and design elements are also evident in his artwork.

Q & A with Charles Easley

Describe your artwork:
A continuation of abstract expressionism, a movement started in the 1950’s (Pollack, de Kooning, Johns, etc.). There is always a strong landscape element with an obvious horizon line.

What is your favorite art form to create? Why?
I love the freshness of drawing with paint on paper. At one time, I preferred using more black, white, and gray colors. While I do use a great deal of color in my paintings now, I do tend to revert back to the monochromatic color tones. I love to capture and depict light in my paintings as well. The luminosity of the painting is something I like to portray.

What local materials do you use to create your wreaths?
I use traditional wreath materials with “found” items such as lichen-covered limbs, mosses, leaves, and other ephemera - shells, feathers, stones, and bits of old jewelry.

Where can your work be found?

  • The Greensboro Antique Mall, where I have a selection of interesting home décor items, wreaths I designed, as well as my art work.
  • Genuine Georgia Artisan Market offers a selection of my wreath designs and artwork.
  • Deer Run Farm Florist, which features fresh arrangements I design and a selection of my wreath designs.